Top 5 Facts About Coffee

Coffee is a special daily dose of energy for many of us that kick-start our day with a bright mood. Coffee contains caffeine that is one of the most popular mood-altering drugs in the world, along with tea, sodas, and other energy drinks. It keeps us awake, alert, and focused on being as productive as we can in our daily life routines. People drink coffee at home, in offices, and even in the café houses to stimulate their central nervous system with mild adrenaline. If you love your coffee and want to learn more about it, here are some interesting facts to get you started.

Caffeine stays in the body for hours

When we drink coffee, our body starts absorbing caffeine almost immediately, and it is present in our entire blood circulation within 45 minutes of consumption. However, the body takes way longer to break down caffeine and clear it from its system. In general, caffeine has been found to stay in our body for 8-12 hours. People may also suffer from headaches early morning and assume it is because they need coffee, but in reality, it might be the withdrawal symptoms of the coffee that they drank the previous day.

Caffeine addiction is not real

Caffeine is a drug that many people are dependent on today. It develops a compulsion in people to wake them up every morning. However, what people experience when they do not drink coffee cannot be related to any type of addiction. Caffeine is a socially acceptable drug because even though people may act like they are addicted to it, it does not create problems in their life just as much any other drug may do. Next time you hear someone they are addicted to coffee, do not take it too seriously.

Caffeine resembles a brain chemical

Caffeine has been found to have a similar molecular structure as adenosine present in our body. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that causes drowsiness and sleepiness to the body when it connects with its receptors. But surprisingly, caffeine replaces adenosine and binds to the same receptors to speed up nerve cell productivity, making people feel more awake and active.

Coffee beans come from a fruit

Coffee beans do not develop individually as beans. It comes from a bright-red fruit from shrubs known as coffee cherries. The coffee beans are actually green and are found inside coffee cherries. They are picked up by hand because the fruit may not mature in every plant at the same time. There are different varieties of coffee found around the world. You read more about different coffee plants and farms to find the coffee that you like the most.

Coffee can elevate stress

Research has shown that people who consume coffee on a daily basis may also develop more stress with time. Coffee has been found to amplify the stress response in the body, which may increase blood pressure and heart rate. It is suggested that anyone with prediabetes or borderline hypertension should reduce and ultimately cut off the usage of caffeinated beverages from their diet to keep their blood pressure and sugar levels low.

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