Switch Alcohol for These 6 Tasty Drinks!

Tasty Drinks

If you are a person who leads a sober life, there are high chances of ending up in social circumstances where your friends or office mates are people who have a drinking habit. Alcohol is an inevitable part of any occasion. For some people, it’s tough to omit the particular idea of not drinking during any function. Many of the people who have got drinking habit are trying to reduce alcohol intake by replacing them with alternative healthy drinks. The below-given paragraphs will talk about those varieties of drinks you can drink anywhere irrespective of the occasions and functions.


Kombucha is a natural, highly fermented sparkling drink. It is made from black or green tea with a pinch of bacteria. Due to its probiotic and antioxidant properties, it has grown to be one of the excellent drink appreciated by the grown-ups since it’s not sugar-based, young drinkers have also started to embrace this popular drink.

Fruit and herb water

Fruit and herb water

Water is an excellent choice for anyone as it is healthy as well as hydrating. Even though the taste of the water differs in each place, after some time it gets boring. But, there are a lot of ways to make your water favourable. You can add strawberry, lemon, mint and honey to make your water sweetened with flavor. You can also add lemon or lime to get the profuse citric taste in your water. This will also help you to increase the intake of water daily.

Club soda with syrup

Club soda is yet another necessary drink in any function. If you are a person who likes soda but doesn’t want to get the taste of sugar, there are other options to compensate for this. For instance, watermelon, blueberries, lemon, ginger, and flavoured coconut soda are delicious for a slurpy drink!

Water and fruity ice cubes

If you are at work, or a friend’s place and is tired of drinking just plain water, you can substitute with fruity ice cubes.  It not only gives a fruity flavor to the water but is also healthy. There is no much effort to make such ice cubes with fruits. You have to add chunks of fruits you like to water and freeze it. Voila! Crunchy water is ready.

Soda and herbs

Soda and herbs

Just like adding syrup to your soda to give a flavory touch, you can also add herbs that are readily available in your kitchen, for example, rosemary, thyme, and mint. Mix these with the soda and gulp it down like a refreshing drink or you can also flavors with herbs like ginger and lemon to make it extra tasty.


Last but not least, juice. It is another substitute for plain water. It is another drink that is undeniable in any occasion.The party is not over without a sip of any juice. There are a lot of flavors and ingredients you can add to make juice. Apart from being a healthy drink, it boosts your immunity system as well. It’s tasty too. So, tell me, what’s not to love here!

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