How to Set Up a Folding Bike

Bikes usually occupy much of the space in an area, and it can be a congested scenario, especially where there is place constraint. The introduction of the folding bikes has ruled out the space constraint from a dictionary, hence facilitating storage, transport and comfort.

Folding bikes are reminiscent of the regular bikes that are utilized for burning calories and keeping your fitness journey in the track. However, some of the best folding bikes for the best cardio workout available in the market are pretty confusing to fix and set up. Hence, we have written a step-by-step guide to help you resolve this issue and approach technically and elegantly.


No matter what bike you choose to ride, based on your fitness goals and needs, fitting the equipment right in place plays a fundamental role in reaching your goals. It is easier and more comfortable to use a neatly fitted bike, than the ones that remain clumsy with parts falling off at the side.

Follow the three steps to set your bike.

  • Adjusting the saddle: The saddle is the seat that is where you sit while riding. Changing this part of the bike, to the right height is of primary importance. To do so, throw your leg on either side of the seat and extend your leg in a fully locked position, by placing your heel on the pedal. Bend your knee to about 30 degrees and find a comfortable height that works efficiently for you. By setting the right height, you can prevent falling off or leaning towards one side, while riding in high speeds to burn extensive calories.
  • Adjusting the ride height: An ideal bike height ought to be set when the back is placed in a neutral position, with shoulders stretched. This position reduces the strain caused on the neck, arms, upper, and lowers back as well. To set this up, lift the handlebar to a comfortable height and sit on the adjusted saddle. Now turn the handlebar in the anticlockwise direction. This can also be adjusted using a 45-degree angle method. Once you have set it up, you should see your upper body in the mirror, at a slightly forwarded angle.

  • Adjusting the handle par: Lastly, the handlebar is the part of the cycle that is where the front wheel is attached. These are the folding tools, and some of the bikes also ahev the potential of turning them frontwards and backward. Almost all bikes provide the same angle for the front and back sweeps, to neutralize and adjust to the human wrist angle. You ought to just in such a manner that you’re also accessible to the brakes for your foldable bikes.

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